What is Unified Communications?

At SCi, we understand how businesses use many different tools and devices to communicate. Most everyone uses a cell phone, a landline phone, e-mail and fax machine. Many of us also use instant messaging, texting and web conferencing.  Unified communications (UC) solutions combines these different modes of communications into one system.

UC offers businesses a solution that pulls together all of the communication and collaboration tools that you’re already using (or considering to use) so you can communicate through a consistent interface and experience.  SCi offers UC solutions allowing your customers to use just your office phone number, and calls to that number will also ring simultaneously on your cell phone.

UC solutions can integrate both non-real-time communications tools, such as traditional phone lines, e-mail, fax and voice-mail, with real-time communications tools such as instant messaging (IM) and Web conferencing.  They can also incorporate many other communication tools, such as and voice over IP (VoIP) telephony solutions, text messaging, screen sharing and video conferencing—just to name a few.

UC solutions can save you time and resources and help you operate more efficiently by being more productive and allowing you to move seamlessly from one device and mode of communication to another.  With UC, your calls follow you.  For instance, you can dial into a conference call from your home office, transfer automatically to your cell phone (without interruption) and transfer calls to your office phone and back to your cell or laptop.

At SCi, we can provide you with a UC solution that will allow you to find the people you need more quickly, operate more flexibly and save you time and money.  A UC solution will keep you connected to your co-workers and customers, whether you’re on the road, in the office or working from home.

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