Collaboration Services

A business solution that organizes seamless communication and workflow management in a virtual global environment.

Our current environment is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate and fluid.  Many businesses have staff working from different offices, on the road and from home, using a variety of mobile, landline and wireless devices.  SCi helps companies connect people and information through the most appropriate communication channels to create value, accelerate innovation and improve business performances.  

Through SCi partner alliances, we offer Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Services, which allow seamless communication between employees, customers, partners and suppliers.  UCC will eliminate your network complexity by strategically integrating your data, voice and video capabilities with your applications, core business processes, and employees’ workflow records.   

At SCi, we use a consultative engagement process designed to bring clarity to your company’s UCC initiatives. We will conduct a current-state business review and technology architecture analysis to identify high-value opportunities across your enterprise. We will develop a business case to support your decisions and provide you with a customized plan, architecture and actionable implementation roadmap to guide you to a successful UCC implementation.

SCi Collaboration Services allow employees to work together in new ways to better communicate, share information, make quicker decisions, manage and complete collaborative projects.   For more information how SCi can reduce costs and improve business outcomes with UCC Services contact your SCi Representative or call 816 298-4100. 

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